How We Will Promote Your Book

We will promote your book through a variety of channels - email lists, blogs, websites, vertical search engines, etc.

We reach 158,888+ daily active readers each day. Our email lists are now at over 158,888. We can help you reach readers no other promotional channel reaches.

1) How We Promote Your Book to 158,888+ Daily Active Readers

We promote your book to 158,888+ daily active readers through a variety of channels.

Our Email Lists will help you reach our 158,888+ email subscribers
Our Websites will help you reach readers who want to check a website, rather than get an email sent to them
Our Blogs get traffic from search engines
Our Vertical Search Engines reach readers searching for Kindle Unlimited Books, for Free Books, for Price Drops, and for New Releases

Whether readers prefer deals in their inbox, on a website, via a blog, or via a search engine, we have a product offering for them. You can leverage our product offerings and put your book in front of a really large number of readers.

2) How we Promote Your Book to our 158,888+ Email Subscribers

Every day we send out the following emails -

a) Main Emails that cover all genres - 1 for each of the Big 4 ebook stores (2 for Kindle)
b) Genre Emails that cover 20 different genres
c) (Launching in Jan 2016) Sub Genre Emails which cover 40+ sub genres
d) International Emails that cover 11 different countries

Your book will go out in the Main Emails, in the International Emails, and in the relevant Genre Emails & Sub Genre Emails. Whether a reader likes to get a big list with books in all genres, or a small list with only books in one genre, or a tiny list with only books from a particular sub genre - they will get a hand-curated selection including your book.

3) How we Promote Your Book in 70+ Countries

We will promote your book to the 30% of our 158,888+ daily active readers that live outside the US - that's 47,664 daily active readers.

We will include your book in our 11 country specific email lists
We will include your book in our 11 country specific blogs
Our main blogs and websites reach 70+ countries every single day. Your book will reach these 70+ countries.

Authors who promote with us love that people in Canada, UK, Australia, India, South Africa, Italy, Spain, and many other countries download their books

4) How we Promote Your Book in the Big 4 eBook stores

We will send out your book to our store specific email lists, and to our store specific blogs. These cover

a) Kindle
b) The 11 international Kindle stores. We have a dedicated email list for each
c) Nook
d) Apple
e) Kobo

Readers love having a dedicated list of books for their store. We will promote your book via these lists

5) How we Promote Your Books to our Blog & Website Readers

Many people do not sign up for email lists. They prefer blogs and websites which they can browse at their convenience. We have 100+ blogs and websites for them

5 main blogs that cover the 4 main ebook stores
20+ Genre Blogs
A variety of search engines that let readers search for books and deals
40+ Sub Genre Blogs
11+ Country Blogs
11+ Country Websites
Dedicated Websites for New Releases, Price Drops, Kindle Unlimited, and Free for Prime

6) How we Promote Your Book

Every day we hand-craft a list of the best book offers and deals.
This list, along with your book if you have a slot that day, gets sent out to our readers

First: The main blogs for Kindle Store go out.
Then: Kindle Emails go out.
Then: Genre & Sub-Genre blogs go out.
Then: Websites & Search Engines update automatically 30 to 60 minutes after blog posts go out
Then: Country blogs go out.
Then: Emails for Genres, Sub-Genres & Countries go out
Then: Blogs for Nook, Apple, Kobo go out
Then: Emails for Nook, Apple, Kobo go out

What details do we include for your book?

Book Title
Author Name
Review Rating
Snippets from Reviews that paint a good, accurate picture of your book
Page Length
Sometimes: Bestseller Status & Awards if you have them
On Occasion: Our thoughts & comments
We have a mix of blogs and websites. The blogs show covers for a few chosen books each day. Most of the websites show covers for all included books.

7) How we ensure Readers know your Book is worth their time

We will only take your book if it's a good fit for our audience and if we are confident we can get you good results. We have a prorated refund so we have a very strong motivation to only take your book if we can get you results.

We do not promote books where authors have not done their due diligence. We cannot run your book if it has one or more of - fake reviews, lack of editing, cliffhangers, improper formatting, shoddy cover that scares away readers.

For covers - please don't take your book which you wrote over 2 years and give it a $5 cover or a cover you made in 30 minutes in Paint or Photoshop. There is no single factor that affects book sales and downloads as much as the cover.

Your book has to be a quality book - well written, well edited, polished.

Basically, we do not want to spoil the perception of indie authors amongst readers in general, and our readers in particular. So we respectfully request that authors please ensure they have taken into consideration the best interests of their future readers and polished their book, the cover, and created a high quality product

This, in turn, means that if you have a well polished and well written book, it'll be sent to a group of readers (our 158,888+ readers) who do not have a negative perception of indie authors

We focus on what's best for our readers - we've been sending out hand curated lists since Jan 2008 and we have a very good idea of what books are a good fit for our audience. We might make a mistake sometimes. However, 95% of the time we take books that do well with our readers

8) We Promote Your Book, not Oversell It

We inform readers of your book. We give them the data points they need to make a decision (review rating, price, length, review snippets). We find the best review snippets left by readers and highlight those.

We've found that it's best to provide information about your book, a link to it, and some good review snippets which paint a good picture of who your book is for and/or what the reader thought of it.

We will not push your book down readers' throats. However, if we find reviews that genuinely heap lavish praise on your book, we'll be sure to include those.

At no point do our readers feel forced to buy or download your book. There are no over-aggressive tactics that might scare away readers or saddle you with purchases/downloads from readers who are not really interested in your book.

Finally, we always give readers some choice. This ensures that rather than getting your book because 'it was better than nothing', they get it because it was 'the book they liked best' or 'one of the books they found most interesting'. This ensures that you get readers genuinely interested in your book.

The very act of selecting Your Book out of a selection of books ensures that you have screened for the readers more likely to become lifetime readers and buy more/all of your books.

9) We only take Books we Believe in

We do not 'reject' books. We work on a first come first served basis. We don't cherry pick books either. We look for books that are a good fit for our readers. It's that simple

Not driven by how well it will sell, but whether a portion of our readers will be delighted by it. Whether they will become lifelong readers of your books.

We look primarily for

a) Books that need to be discovered. Good books just looking for readers
b) Books where the author has put in effort and love.
c) Books where the author has removed all friction from the path of readers enjoying the book. That means minimal typos and mistakes, proper editing, proper proofreading, proper formatting, a well done cover (or a willingness to improve the cover).

It's fine if you don't have enough reviews, or if your cover is a bit of a mess (provided you're willing to get a good cover to replace it), or if you aren't famous, or if you haven't sold a lot of books in the past. As long as you've put love and effort into writing a good book, we're glad to put it in front of our readers and see how it does.

10) We help Readers DISCOVER Your Book

The best way to explain what we do when we Promote Your Book is that we

a) Help Readers to DISCOVER Your Book and become aware it exists
b) Help Readers by providing all the data and information they need to decide whether to download or buy your book

We focus on helping readers find authors they will love and helping authors find readers who will become their lifetime readers.