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We've sold 1.25 million paid apps in 2011 to 2015. Nearly all our best-selling apps have a rating of 4 stars or more. We stand behind our services and products.

We bring the same honor, integrity, and win-win attitude to our relationship with Authors. We'll ensure you get value for your money and have a great experience. It's for this exact reason that nearly two-thirds of authors that work with us become repeat customers.

5 Main Reasons You Can Trust Us!

1) 1.25 million+ satisfied customers of our Paid Apps in 2011 to 2015.
2) 1 million+ readers have visited our book blogs and websites in 2008 to 2015.
3) 128,888+ daily active readers visit our websites and blogs Every Single Day!
4) 125,000+ readers are happily subscribed to our Free Books & Book Deals Emails.
5) Readers trust us. We've been bringing them book offers and deals for 7.5+ years, and they have chosen to stay with us even as the world of books and publishing twists and turns.

We have 1.25 million+ satisfied paying customers. We have 128,888+ satisfied daily active readers who trust us and visit us every single day to find the best offers on the best books.

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You should trust us for the same reasons readers trust us -

1) We are in this for the long haul (7.5+ years and counting).
2) We connect the best books to the best readers. We don't let money, short-term considerations, or external pressure sway us.
3) We always maintain a Win-Win-Win equation. Our focus will always be on What's Best for the Future of Books and On Creating a Sustainable Books Ecosystem where readers and authors can both win.

Doing the Right Thing for Readers & Authors since Jan 2008

We have a history of great customer service and satisfied happy repeat customers.

1) We've been blogging about the Kindle and Free Books since January 2008. Here's an old post from January 2008 - Free Kindle Books. We wouldn't be blogging about ebooks and ereaders for 7.5+ years if we weren't serious about the future of books.

2) Amazon linked to our Kindle 3 Review post from their Kindle 3 product page. Just go to the Kindle 3 Product Page at Amazon. Scroll down to the Reviews section. The last review is from our blog. You can click the link to confirm it goes to our blog.

This is what Amazon included on the Kindle 3 product page from our Kindle 3 Review:
"Kindle 3 combines solid improvements (50% better screen contrast, compactness, faster page turns, better PDF support, WiFi, lighter weight, longer battery life) with an even sharper focus on reading and simplicity. Quite simply, the Kindle 3 is the best eReader available." ? iReader Review Read full article

3) We have been selling Kindle Apps since Feb 1st, 2011. We've sold 1.25 million paid apps in 2011 to 2015. You can see our Kindle Apps at Amazon.

4) We're a legitimate Canadian Company. Our Canadian company was incorporated on March 11th, 2010 and has been carrying on business with companies such as Amazon for the last 5+ years. You can check our Company Details at the Corporation Canada website.
Try this other link for Our Company if the previous one doesn't work.

5) Here's an Interview with Our iReaderReview Blogger at the excellent Kindle Chronicles Kindle podcast by Len Edgerly.

Without a doubt - You can trust us! We've been writing about free kindle books and deals since January 2008. We've sold Kindle Apps since Feb 2011. Many reputable companies and websites, including Amazon, link to our blogs and sites.

Are Your Users Legitimate Users?

Yes, our users are all legitimate users. We don't nickel and dime you. Here are a few things to keep in mind -

1) We count only Daily Active Users for our Daily Active Users column. This means that we don't count visits, only unique users. It means that we count UNIQUE users that visit EVERY DAY. We don't take a number like all lifetime users or monthly website visits and use that for Daily Active Users.

2) We don't include Numbers for Channels which we aren't 100% sure about. That means that the Daily Active Users number excludes:
a) The 7,500+ users on our Twitter accounts.
b) The RSS users since Google has stopped sharing information on RSS Reader Counts. We had 4,000+ RSS readers just through Google Reader on our main blog. However, since now we have no way to verify the numbers, we don't include them in our count.
c) Users who are subscribed to our Wordpress Email Lists. Since there might be overlap with our main list.
d) Users on channels that we aren't 100% sure of.

3) We focus on REAL Users. A lot of websites focus on metrics like 'daily pageviews' or 'number of Facebook Likes' or 'Twitter Followers'. Those aren't Daily Active Users. Those aren't real people who check the lists every day. We only count REAL users who check our lists EVERY DAY. Please Note: Of course, having 1 million Facebook Likes is very valuable. It's just that 1 million Facebook Likes means in reality something like 60,000 to 150,000 people get the updates on any given day. NOT 1 Million. Please keep that in mind.

We don't buy Email Lists. We don't use tricks.

It's very tempting to use band-aids. A company can buy an email list of low quality from some other company - just to artificially inflate its numbers.

We don't do that. We don't do gimmicks and tricks. We focus on natural organic growth and on acquiring customers who want great curated lists of free books and book deals. We focus on providing the best free books, the best deals, the best search. It's a work in progress and our aim is true.

With us you are getting REAL and INTERESTED readers. These are REAL readers looking for Good Books. If your book meets our criteria your book will be included in our list. Users will know we have ALREADY vetted it.

Testimonials - Real Results for Authors

Soon we'll put up a Testimonials page where you will be able to see Testimonials from authors who've promoted with us, with Testimonials organized by Genre.

A) Come Find Me: #347 to #19.

Come Find Me is a Romance Novel by Travis Neighbor Ward. It was at #347 Sales Rank when we mentioned it (end June) as both a 'Book of the Day' and a ** Romance Book.

It went as high as #19 in the entire Kindle Store. It stayed in the Top 100 until it was changed from Free to Paid.

Travis Wrote: Thank you so much for including my novel COME FIND ME on your site! I really appreciate how you helped spread the word and make it rise up the Top 100 Bestseller charts on Amazon worldwide! Best, Travis Neighbor Ward

You can find Travis at the Travis Neighbor Ward blog.

Sales Ranks Achieved by Come Find Me after we mentioned it included:

1) All Kindle eBooks Top 100 Free - #19
2) All Literature & Fiction -> #9
3) Literature & Fiction -> Literary Fiction #1

4) All Romance -> # 8 (Romance)
5) Romance -> Contemporary #5 (Contemporary Romance)
6) Romance -> Military #1 (Military Romance)

B) Manipulate: #4679 to #137. Then to #64.

Manipulate (Alien Cadets) is a YA Christian Novel by Corrie Garrett. It was at Sales Rank #4,679 when we mentioned it (end March) as both a 'Book of the Day' and a * Christian book.

It went to #183 on the second day of us mentioning it. As it got more visiblity it went to #137 on Day #3, and by Day #4 it went to #64.

What did Corrie think?

Corrie: I was really happy with the downloads and ranking I got the last two days.
Corrie: I'm surprised myself that a young adult book is going over so well (it's at #64 now, which is way beyond what I hoped for.)

What downloads did Corrie's book get the first two days when we mentioned it?

Corrie Wrote: 1,244 downloads over 2 days.
First Day: 358 downloads and #854 sales ranking.
Second Day: 1,244 downloads and #195 ranking.

C) Women's Fiction + Humor Novel: #3,452 to #101.

This was a well reviewed Women's Fiction + Humor Novel with lots of great reviews. We mentioned it (end March) as a 'Book of the Day' and as a ** Romance book.

What did the Author think?

Author: It's now 1.22pm here on my end and the book sold 1443 copies (free) so far. Previously it had sold 11 copies (paid) for this month though one person returned one copy after it went free.

Previously the rank was:
1) Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #78,948 Paid in Kindle Store

Now it is:
1) Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #129 Free in Kindle Store
2) #2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Women's Fiction > Humor
3) #3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Humor & Satire > General Humor

Please Note: The next day the book went from #129 to #101. It narrowly missed the Top 100 and all the extra visibility that entails. Stacking a promotion at any of the bigger websites (in addition to a mention on our sites and email newsletters) would have gotten it to the Top 100.

What Results Can I Expect?

Soon we'll add a Testimonials page where you will be able to see Testimonails from authors who've promoted with us. These Testimonials will be organized by Genre so you can see Testimonials specific to your Genre(s).

For the best estimates of how your book will do, please email us at or submit your book. Please be sure to include a link to your book.

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1) Email us at

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