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Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Feature on Books Butterfly the 1st day you are Free, or later?

Always on the First Day you are Free. Firstly, our impact is on the day of promotion and the next day. So having your book feature on our site starting from Day 1 is important. Secondly, if your book gets a good sales rank, then you can extend your free days and maximize the number of people you reach. Thirdly, you want to stack our impact with the impact of your book being free on the first day. That will get a better sales ranking.

Should You Feature on Books Butterfly on the 1st Day of your Kindle Countdown Deal?

If you have one of the two biggest sites, Bookbub and Ereader News Today, then you should pick a date with us the day before your date with either/both of them. If you don't have those sites, then it's best to run with us on the 1st day of your Kindle Countdown Deal. That way we boost your sales rank, it increases your position on the Kindle Countdown Deal lists, and you get additional sales via the lists for the rest of your Kindle Countdown.

What sites can you combine Books Butterfly promotions with?

If you're running on Bookbub, then you don't need to run anywhere else. You can if you like but it's not really needed.
For any other site, it's a good idea to also run on our site. At best we'll significantly improve the sales ranking you get and extend how long you stay at a good sales rank. At worst, you'll get a good boost.

Another good option is to run on our email lists and sites the 1st day you are free. Then run on other sites the following day. This works very well if you have a slot withone of the Big 10 sites like The MidList, BookSends, or Book Gorilla.

Why Number of Downloads and not Sales Ranks

Firstly, you can see your download totals and corroborate easily. Secondly, it's hard for authors to track sales rank changes. Unless you are willing to sit at your desk 48 hrs straight and check sales rank each hour, there's no way you can measures sales rank changes accurately.

Please Note: We will tell you what sales rank you reached, and also the change from initial sales rank (before we mentioned your book). However, we don't guarantee sales rank results because we'd have no way of proving that. On the other hand, download figures authors can see for themselves.

Why don't you list every single site and blog?

A lot of our sites and blogs are experiments that didn't work. Some are very new. We only list the ones that worked well and/or are catering to a valuable niche. Over the course of 7 years we've tried a lot of things and even without including everything I think the list of our sites and blogs is a bit overwhelming.

Why not have less books and higher prices for ad slots?

We would rather help Hundreds of Authors a day and sell them slots from $25 to $300 than help a limited number of rich people every day and sell them slots for $1,000 to $5,000.

We want to solve the problem of Discoverability that we faced as indie developers. We had to compete against companies like EA and Rovio (Angry Birds) and Gameloft. Billion Dollar Companies with huge budgets. The stores also promoted these apps more. It would be truly sad if we ended up helping only authors who can afford $1,000 to $5,000 slots, if what we REALLY want to solve is the problem of good indie authors with good books not getting a fair chance.

Why can a 'Rating' not be Bought?

Getting a slot in our list only means you are included in it. Special classification like *** book (Get it Now!), Book of the Day, etc. are completely INDEPENDENT of the slot.

This is because we are a curation service that brings readers the best books. If your book doesn't meet our criteria as 'one of the best books of the day' then we won't take your money. If we take your money, that only means inclusion in the list. You will not be given some special position. You'll have to make a decision for yourself. We'll email you and tell you whether you qualify of not, what classification your book will get, what downloads it will get. For now, the price is $20. It doesn't matter whether you qualify as a 'Book of the Day' or as a general entry.

Basically, we're not an advertorial service that is sending readers a list of Ads. We're a curation engine/search engine that has some spots for Sponsored Books. So the Slot you buy gets you entry into the list. It does not buy you any special consideration in the Curation part. We won't tell authors your book is 'Romance of the Day' if it isn't one of the best 2 or 3 romance novels of the day. Again, it's up to you to decide whether the number of downloads we guarantee is worth the price.

More Questions? 

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